Multifarmer – Stake Crypto, Earn Crypto

Started in April of 2022, Multifarmer was is a new protocol in the world of cryptocurrency. The contracts act as reward pools, returning up to 8% of your Crypto deposited throughout a 24-hour period.

In other projects, If multiple users were to have a large balance that they claimed through rewards, it would cause a large fluctuation in the value of the contract, thus not delivering on the promised %. Our contract has a variable interest rate, which can achieve up to 6% if followed correctly. This also ensures contract longevity. If the contract balance drops, the interest rate will adjust to ensure all active participants will still receive rewards. The same will happen if the contract balance increases.


Play to Earn

Right now, you can play to earn with our many contracts on different chains. Whether is is AVAX, BNB, FTM, or MATIC, there is a contract for you!


GameFi &
Web 3.0 Launchpad

In the coming months we will be working on further development into the Web3 space. Be on the Lookout!



We will be working on our own NFTs that will grant users special benefits when interacting with our platform.

Our Team

Below you will find our team formed from around the world.

Otto Bree


Eliza Josceline


Kathie Corl


Georgiana Patti


Joni Celeste


Sophie Moore

SEO Director

Felix Autumn


Cong Duong

Strategic Adviser
Token & economics


Every Deposit/Withdrawal has a base tax of 7%. This is to ensure contract longevity, as well as the Treasury Fee

7% is dedicated to the Treasury, 4% to the Marketing, and 3% for the Developers. The remaining 86% is the Reward Pool, and is untouchable by the developers.

  • Marketing – 4%
  • Treasury – 7%
  • Reward Pool – 86%
  • Developer – 3%

Download The Resources

Check out our WhitePaper and more below


Our Official Whitepaper for the Multifarmer projects, not affiliated with other projects hosted on our platform.



Very easy to understand version of the whitepaper that is summarized in one slide. Does not go into as much detail, but still informative.


About Us

Learn more about the team that founded multifarmer, and our future endeavors. Be on the Lookout for more opportunites to earn!